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How Estate Planning Can Be More Than A Transfer of Assets

How to Pass Your Stories and Values to the Future Generations

Money may be the most talked about of a person’s estate, but the value of their experience and wisdom can mean even more to family members. Reinforcement of family traditions can be ingrained in your estate plan, along with your wishes regarding money, property, and belongings. After all, the real foundation of a family is its values and traditions — not its finances.

It is recommended that you hold a family meeting to discuss the sorts of things that matter to you most. In addition to the value of sharing your wisdom, you can also increase the likelihood your heirs will handle their inheritance correctly if they understand the reasons behind your decisions. This is just one of the many reasons to have a family discussion about your legacy and your estate plan to address how estate planning can be more than a transfer of assets.

How your estate plan can tell your story

It can be enlightening to get to hear your elders’ stories of their fondest memories and wildest adventures, as well as the struggles they overcame to get where they are today. This wisdom provides meaning for a financial legacy that otherwise might just be viewed as a windfall. As part of your estate and legacy planning, you can decide to record your own personal family history. Here are a few ways:

Passing your values to the next generation

Some estate planning strategies blend your finances and personal values. For example, we might have a discussion on some of your core values in life. Whether you feel most passionate about the need for your beneficiaries to travel and gain worldly experience, continue a unique family tradition like sailing or astronomy, or support meaningful charitable or spiritual work, we can construct trusts that contain funds specifically set aside for these endeavors.

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