5 Positives of Embracing the Emotional Side of Estate Planning - Phoenix, Arizona

5 Positives of Embracing the Emotional Side of Estate Planning

When you hear the phrase “estate plan,” you might just think about paperwork. Or your mind might land on some of the uncomfortable topics that estate planning confronts head-on: end-of-life decisions, incapacity, and your family’s legacy. Those subjects are important and emotional for everyone.

While that could feel like a reason to avoid estate planning, the emotional nature of these decisions actually serves as justification to embrace the process with enthusiasm. Here are 5 positives of embracing the emotional side of estate planning:

1.  Estate planning creates stability in times of loss

If you end up incapacitated later in life, it will be a difficult time for your family. If your estate plan fails include detailed instructions for a trusted decision maker and an actionable long-term care plan, it will be even worse. You can save your loved ones from the confusion and stress regarding such choices if this occurs and them to save their energy for coming to terms the situation.

2. Comprehensive estate plans keep emotional matters private

Detailed, trust-based estate planning can keep your private matters out of the public eye. When your estate plan is too minimal — such as a simple “I love you” will — you run the risk of your estate going through probate in court. This means your choices become visible to those outside your inner circle. Because of the notice requirements, probate can also invite controversy and conflict that a private transfer through a trust would have avoided.

3. Estate planning can bring a family together

Everyone has heard of a situation in which siblings argue over what their parents left them. However, the opposite can also be true. When you get your family and other loved ones involved in your estate planning, you gain a wonderful opportunity to show them how much you care. Creating your estate plan can strengthen the bonds of love in a family and serve as a reminder of those bonds long after you are gone.

4. Your estate is about much more than money

Estate planning is about a whole lot more than just wealth distribution and taxes. During an estate planning session, we will address the handling of significant family heirlooms, your hard-won hobby collection, and other matters totally unique to your life. We can also look into the memories and intellectual property you want to make sure your beneficiaries receive, such as photos, art, and even recorded videos or audio files of family stories you would like to memorialize for future generations.

5. An estate plan means you and your family are not going it alone

You and your family should not have to face trying times alone. Whether the estate in question is yours or a loved one’s, a qualified estate planning attorney will have the answers. Let us take care of the nuts and bolts with regards to educating your appointed agents about their duties so you can know that your family will be in good hands when the inevitable happens to you. The idea of setting everything straight on your own can be a stressful one, but these emotional decisions are much easier to make with a trusted legal advisor to guide you.

We want you to feel ownership and investment in getting your estate plan that accurately reflects who you are and what you want for your loved ones when you are gone. Estate planning is an opportunity to look at some of life’s big questions and ultimately make sure your family knows you care for them by the choices you make. Give us a call today to see how we can create custom-made solutions that incorporate the 5 positives of embracing the emotional side of estate planning.