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The primary role of the firm’s “clients first” approach to representation is founded on the belief that effective and result driven legal representation should also be cost-effective and efficient. At Thies & Cook, we are here and ready to assist you in the process of estate planning, estate administration, estate litigation, trust litigation, business formation, business planning and commercial litigation. In particular, we have over 40 years of combined experience to assist you in evaluating and making informed decisions regarding the distribution of your assets according to your wishes, protection of your estate through the courts, planning for and safeguarding vulnerable adults and addressing the establishment and structure of businesses. From beginning to completion, Thies & Cook is here to assist and support you with legal matters relating to your specific needs.


Areas of Practice

Estate Planning

Upon your death or incapacity, don’t let the courts decide where your assets go. With planning and minimal preparation, you can ensure your estate is administered the way you intend and to the proper beneficiaries.


Probate & Trust Administration

We provide the advice, support, and direction you need to evaluate the best approach to administer the estate or trust of a loved one after they have passed, while ensuring you meet all of your fiduciary duties.


Probate & Trust Litigation

Estate planning documents are presumed valid, thus, if there is a dispute, timely action is required. We will walk you through the litigation process step by step to protect your interest and work to accomplish your goals.


Guardianships & Conservatorships

We offer the ease of mind through an intensive process of becoming a guardian or conservator, it can be fraught with many legal complexities, and that’s just the beginning.


Gun Trusts

We can assist you in acquiring a hold title for your firearm


Business Formation & Planning

We can assist you in evaluating and making informed decisions regarding the formation, operation, sale, merger or dissolution of your business. We will be by your side to ensure your goals are met and your interests are protected.


Commercial & Insurance Litigation

We have extensive experience in the areas of commercial litigation, civil and tort litigation, breach of contract, misrepresentation, fraud, business torts, debt collection and debt defense, insurance defense and coverage and premises liability.


Construction Law

We represent and advise construction clients at all levels of in the contracting chain from property owners, general contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and consultants.


Real Estate Law

We are equipped to represent you regarding all stages of procuring or selling real estate to include the purchase agreement, title documents and transfer documents.


Benefits of our Clients First Approach

  • Innovative approach to addressing client issues

    we focus on creative solutions tailored to the unique needs of the client
  • Diligent handling of client matters

    we work hard for clients to get cost efficient and effective results
  • Free 30 minute initial consultations

    we understand the importance of getting to know us before engaging our services
  • Direct access to our attorneys

    we pride ourselves on being accessible and responsive to clients
  • Knowledgeable counsel and current office technology

    our attorneys know the current legal trends and we employ the most current technology to promote productivity and provide client convenience
  • Fair and transparent fees

    we understand the importance of providing clients with a clear picture of the value we provide through detailed monthly invoices


Gun Trust Attorneys Chandler, AZ

Brad M. Thies


Based on his upbringing in small town Nebraska, Brad believes quality advocacy and a strong attorney-client relationship are the cornerstone of representing clients in legal matters that can be stressful, adversarial and complex. In order to develop and maintain these constructive relationships, Brad works closely with clients to address their unique situations in a cost-effective and efficient matter tailored to meet the best interests of the clients through advanced planning for their estate or business, administration or contested litigation that could result in trial. At every stage, Brad is there for his clients to help them achieve their goals.

Gun Trust Attorneys Lincoln, NE

Justin J. Cook


Justin grew up on a large working farm and ranch in North Central Nebraska. Raised surrounded by agriculture, he started working on the family at a very young age and quickly developed a strong work ethic. As a Hastings College graduate, he received his law degree from the University of Nebraska in 2001. In 2003, Justin started his own firm, Lincoln Law, LLC, located in Lincoln, Nebraska. His focus is to look at each case individually and create strategic, successful solutions for his clients. Justin had been a leading solo practicing attorney in Nebraska and highly respected by his peers. He continues his hard work and dedication to the practice of law in Nebraska and Arizona as of 2021.


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